AP: Barack Probably Clinches Tonight

The AP is reporting that based on public declarations from delegates as well as what other super delegates are telling them, if Barack Obama gets at least 30% of the vote both here and in Montana, he will have hit the magic number of 2118 to win the nomination.

Even using the somewhat questionable ARG poll numbers that have Obama getting trounced 60-34% here in South Dakota combined with the expected outright Obama win in Montana, he could conceivably have the nomination sewn up before we wake up tomorrow morning. That would also mean that Hillary would have pretty much run out of excuses for staying in.

On a side note, I just finished voting here in Canistota and from what the polling workers told me, turnout so far at least , has been fairly light (can it be otherwise in a town of 800?). I’m not sure if that is an omen one way or another for the Presidential primary but it was nice for me. I would have hated to have to wait very long considering the Democratic ballot here in District 25 consisted of 1 item…

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