He Sought This Man Out

How many times does this have to be mentioned? John McCain actively sought this man’s endorsement!

More hits coming to light from the mouth of Rev. John Hagee:

In his sermon, “The Final Dictator,” Hagee described the Antichrist as a seductive figure with “fierce features.” He will be “a blasphemer and a homosexual,” the pastor announced. Then, Hagee boomed, “There’s a phrase in Scripture used solely to identify the Jewish people. It suggests that this man [the Antichrist] is at least going to be partially Jewish, as was Adolph Hitler, as was Karl Marx.”

This “fierce” gay Jew, according to Hagee, would “slaughter one-third of the Earth’s population” and “make Adolph Hitler look like a choirboy.”

If you can stomach it, following the link above will also allow you to hear Hagee rip on the Jews versus just reading about it here.

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