Every Vote Counts, Hillary's Spin Zone

Just a quick thought on Hillary’s latest and only remaining argument on why she is still around and should be nominated. The queen of every vote counts says she is winning the popular vote. Of course many estimates of Hillary’s vote totals conveniently do not count votes from 14 states that Obama did very well in, because of course they don’t vote, they caucus which sort of throws the proverbial monkey wrench in her everyone’s vote should count argument, but I digress.

Anyway, considering the media continues to report Hillary’s vote total spin as something relevant and Hillary’s latest ad touts these vote total numbers, more than any primary candidate in history according to her, I thought I would throw some spin in the other direction using math calculations from someone not cashing a check signed by the Clinton campaign.

The results from this non-Clinton endorsed math tries to fairly (relative to what I’m not sure) represent and include the caucus numbers from the 14 states and the results are slightly different (surprise!) than Hillary’s.

17,780,516 votes

17,589,514 votes

So what exactly do these numbers mean? As with Hillary’s numbers from her campaign ad, obsoletely nothing but there is one number that does matter and it is a lot smaller than the 17 million number being bandied about. That number is 44 and it is the number of delegates that Obama needs as of this writing to reach 2117. The number that makes every Clinton argument moot…

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