So What's The Procedure For That?

Barack Obama announced today that he is quitting his church because of all the controversy revolving around his pastor of 20 years as well as other issues that have cropped up regarding a long time friend and Catholic priest.

Senator Barack Obama is ending his membership at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, a congregation he has belonged to for about two decades and one that had become a lightning rod in his Democratic presidential bid.

Mr. Obama informed his campaign advisers of his decision today, according to people familiar with the situation, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak for the candidate. Mr. Obama is scheduled to explain his decision tonight in South Dakota.

So exactly how does one quit a church? Is Illinois a right to pray state? And if all that is involved is announcing your decision and moving on to the next church on your list, why did it take this long?

UPDATE 6/2 – Ok so the Wall Street Journal via Political Wire tells us exactly how you quit your church. You just write a letter. And again I have to ask, what took you so long?

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