Funny If It Wasn't So Scary

You’re well known for losing control of 6 nukes last year when an airmen mistakenly loaded nuclear tipped cruise missiles onto a B-52 and flew them to La., where the plane sat on the flight line, unattended, for hours. Your commanding officer was fired for the screw up. And now you have been given notice well in advance that a major nuclear inspection was coming up. What do you do?

You fail miserably.

DRTA inspectors gave the wing an “unsatisfactory” grade Sunday after uncovering many crucial mistakes during the weeklong inspection, which began May 17. They attributed the errors primarily to lack of supervision and leadership among security forces.

Not only have you failed, your troops get caught playing video games while guarding the nukes!

Inspectors watched as a security forces airman played video games on his cell phone while standing guard at a “restricted area perimeter,” the DTRA report said. Meanwhile, another airman nearby was “unaware of her duties and responsibilities” during the exercise.

And it just wasn’t this one incident. The Air Force Times article also documents a veritable laundry list of breakdowns in the handling, documenting, and reporting that makes you really wonder who is running that outfit.

The incompetence would truly be funny if it wasn’t for what they were supposed to be guarding, you know, freakin’ NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

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