Holy Wars

If one needs any evidence as to how far the political process in the country has fallen, you only need to look at the role religion and religious leaders have had in this year’s Presidential elections. Barack Obama had Rev. Jeremiah Wright spewing his brand of religion on one side and John McCain sought after and got the support of the Rev John Hagee and the baggage that came with it.

Now we’ve got a priest taking cheap shots at a Presidential candidate during his invocation at the New York State Republican Party dinner.

“One more thing, Lord. Please tell Senator Obama that maybe change is a good thing and maybe he should think about changing his favorite preacher,” he said, to applause.

“I know a lot more of us would be comfortable with his judgment skills if he hadn’t sat for 20 years through those words offered by his preacher of division, bigotry, and – honestly – half truths without a word of objection from Senator until the media brought it up, and now he doesn’t want any part of the guy,” he said.

“I’m willing to be his new preacher.”

Watch it:

I always thought a priest’s job was to shepherd his flock. Who knew that it now includes partisan politics.

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