Stephanie Tells Us Why She Supports Obama

I am sure that emails like this will be coming fast and furiously in the next 5 days leading up to our primary so without further ado, here is Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s latest pro-Obama message from the inbox.

Dear Friend,

Like many South Dakotans, I’ve been inspired by Barack Obama.

Over the course of this campaign, Barack’s commitment to finding common ground, and his ability to spark hope and optimism among people of all ages and backgrounds, convinced me that he is the right candidate to be President of the United States.

What we do — or don’t do — this week in South Dakota will have a big impact on the election.

Just a few months ago, no one would have guessed we’d have such an important role to play in this race. But as the last state in the nation to cast our votes, we have the opportunity to close out the Democratic Primary with a solid victory for Barack.

To make this happen, we need every vote and every delegate we can get. You can help by signing up to Get Out the Vote in your community.

Obama supporters throughout the state are already canvassing their neighborhoods for Barack. I hope you’ll join them between now and Tuesday.

Sign up to help Get Out the Vote for Barack in South Dakota:

When Barack is elected president, I am confident he’ll create the kind of positive change we need in Washington and here in South Dakota.

He’ll refocus our energy policy to create jobs across rural America, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and put partisanship aside in order to get things done.

In the next five days, we can play an important part in this pivotal election to bring that kind of leadership to America — and in your neighborhood, there’s no better advocate for Barack than you.

South Dakota’s primary could be the contest that finally puts Barack over the top.

Help make it happen by signing up to join your fellow supporters and Get Out The Vote this week:

Thank you,


Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

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