DNC Credentialed Blog List Is Out

A little over a week ago I wrote about the hubbub revolving around the blogs receiving press credentials for the DNC Convention in Denver. The controversy centered on the selection process for the initial 55 state focused political blogs that would be seated alongside the delegates from their respective states and the prominent blogs that were left off the list. Today the DNC released their latest list that now includes over 120 credentialed blogs that adds the national and niche bloggers chosen as well as the state blogs already selected.

The full list can be seen here and unless I missed one, it looks like South Dakota will not have a second blog credentialed (sorry Todd) besides the already announced SDDP mouthpiece Badlands Blue that got the state credential.

With this announcement today, it appears that all we will have to look forward to in August locally will be Blue’s standard fare of party approved/generated stories and press releases along with some “look who I saw” photographs thrown in for good measure. Oh well, there is always 2012…

UPDATE 5/30: Todd over at SD Watch responds to his DNC snub.

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