Hillary Isn't The Only One

While Hillary is piling up the mis-statements regarding her recent history, Barack Obama is throwing in a few of his own. In Sioux Falls a little over a week ago he had a “Spinal Tap” moment and thanked the folks from Sioux City for their warm welcome though quickly corrected himself.

His latest gaffe that is getting some press in the right-wing blogs deals with his speech yesterday in New Mexico. He was speaking about his support of the new GI Bill and brought up his grandfather and uncle’s WWII experiences including his uncle participating in the liberation of Auschwitz.

The only problem with that though is unless Obama’s uncle was Russian, it might have been difficult for him to participate in that operation.

On January 27, 1945, the Soviet army entered Auschwitz and liberated more than 7,000 remaining prisoners, who were mostly ill and dying.

It’s been a long campaign, maybe just a bit too long…

UPDATE: The Obama campaign has come out with a correction to his statement. He mis-spoke, it was his great uncle and it was Buchenwald not Auschwitz.

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