Take That!

A corporation tries to do something good for schools and all they get for their troubles is grief.

Subway wants your kids to write a story that could get their school $5000 worth of athletic equipment. All they need to do is go here, choose a sandwich, and get creative. Sounds like a pretty cool contest, except that is, when the wingnut nation strikes.

You see, considering the purpose of the contest is to win athletic equipment for the winners school, Subway decided that home schooled kids couldn’t enter. Kind of hard to donate equipment to a non-existent school (yes, I know there are donation option for home schoolers). Anyway, like I said the wingnut nation has latched on to this and now Subway is being bombarded with calls for boycotts as well as becoming the target of all sorts of unflattering comments.

Maybe Ms. Malkin could join with local our home school proponent Sibby to help lead a revolt against Citibank next. As those of us in South Dakota are aware, they are providing a boatload of cash to help provide laptops to our high schools kids, and if I am not mistaken, home schooled students need not apply.

UPDATE: It seems that Dunkin Donuts has attracted the ire of the Malkin led wingnut BS machine as well.

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