What Clinton's Kentucky Landslide Shows

For the second week in a row, a state outside of the deep South has shown that a large number of their population would rather vote for someone that they knew didn’t share their values (McCain) or not vote at all than vote for a black man, Muslim, Barack Obama.

In addition, only about four in 10 working-class whites in Kentucky said they would vote for Obama in a matchup with John McCain in the general election. About an equal number said they would support the Republican, and the rest said they would not vote.


Only three in 10 whites who said race was a factor said they would vote for Obama should he oppose McCain in November. Nearly four in 10 said they would back McCain, while the rest said they wouldn’t vote.

Not suprisingly on the other side, 7 out of 10 of the few Kentucky Obama supporters would move their support to Hillary Clinton if hell froze over and she won the nomination. Hmmm…

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