The Credentialed DNC Blogger Controversy

Blogging colleague Tim over at A Progressive on the Prairie took exception last week to the selection of a blogger from Badlands Blue getting the South Dakota blog credentials to the DNC Convention in Denver. Initially he assumed that lead blogger and Virginia resident Lowell Feld, whom admittedly has rarely ever even been to South Dakota, was chosen over other South Dakota bloggers including popular lefty Todd Epp from South Dakota Watch. That assumption turned out to be incorrect as Blue co-blogger and South Dakotan Tyler Smith was the one chosen.

While the South Dakota selection controversy has since died down somewhat, nationally the selection of bloggers for this unique opportunity has heated up led by several bloggers including the aforementioned Badlands Blue blogger Lowell Feld.

There’s a bit bubbling controversy regarding a backlash to the Democratic National Convention Committee’s selection process for state bloggers. 21 bloggers representing 12 already-credentialed blogs sent a letter yesterday to DNC Chairman Howard Dean protesting the DNCC’s selection process that appears — in the viewpoint of the bloggers — to have been used by state parties to silence critics.


The signers of this letter include Lowell Feld, a top Virginia blogger,the writers of awarded State Blog of the Year in ’06 by IPDI; and bloggers from California, Massachusetts, Vermont, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, and North Dakota.

These bloggers are upset, as was Tim over the selection of the South Dakota Democratic party mouthpiece Badlands Blue, that it appears that the DNC chose bloggers that were more “friendly” to the Democrats. They cited instances where popular blogs were bypassed that had been more critical of the party including a popular New Jersey blog that was excluded in favor of another blog with a mysterious author and with a New York owner (sound familiar?).

Anyway, Howard Dean has yet to respond to the concerned bloggers but it will be interesting to see how this new media controversy will shake out in the weeks leading up to the convention.

UPDATE: Kos has more on this here including rumors that the state parties had veto powers during the selection process. So Todd, pissed off anyone in the SDDP lately?

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