Sorry Mr Gates, I've Had Enough

You may or may not have noticed that things here were awful quiet yesterday. For months I have been fighting a very temperamental Microsoft Vista PC that often would not shut down, wouldn’t let me install programs or drivers, and just was a general pain in the a**. All during those months I had been burning up Google looking for fixes for my troubles only to find out that my problems were minor compared to many.

To make a long story shorter. I had held out hope that SP1 for Vista would fix the long list of issues with this operating system and yesterday after attempting to update Quicken only to have it corrupted to the point where it would no longer load, I decided to set aside some time to get and install SP1 after reading awhile back that it had finally been released. 4 hours later (only a 65mb file) I finally got SP1 installed and after a number of reboots I was finally ready to put it through it’s paces.

To my utter disgust, none of the issues I had originally were fixed, it still wouldn’t shut down, I still couldn’t load software, and new to the list, all my user settings including my iTunes library had disappeared. To put the icing on the cake, the PC now ran so slow that it was pretty much useless.

Ok, so what was plan B? I figured I should go back to the point before installing SP1, at least the PC was usable. So I went to Windows restore to go back to the restore point that I had set before the upgrade and of course I discovered that not only had that restore point disappeared, every one that I once had was now gone! Thank you Bill Gates, may I have another?

I had hoped that Microsoft had learned from Windows ME that rushing a product to market and then expecting it’s users to wait patiently for them to fix it once it was released would not fly. Obviously I was wrong so Mr Gates, my latest hair pulling experience with one of your products will be my last. I did something yesterday evening that at one time I said I would never do, I bought a Mac

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