Has Hell Frozen Over?

I normally don’t blow my own horn, probably because I never have a horn to blow when compared with the other fine South Dakota Blogs but this caught me a bit off guard last night.

BlogNetNews is a feed aggregator on steroids that also uses some kind of super secret algorithm to rank the “influence” of the various blogs in their respective categories. The rankings are released weekly and you can pretty much count on either the War College, SD Watch, or Madville Times finishing on top for the week in the South Dakota Blog category with me somewhere at the bottom.

Well something must have gone wrong with BlogNetNews’ algorithm this week (man hackers are expensive, thank goodness for that rebate check) as the screenshot below shows.

hell frozen over

I have no delusions of grandeur nor does this mean anything in the overall scheme of things but what the heck, it is nice to know that there is a change of seasons in hell from time to time…

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