Narrow View

Cory over at Madville Times introduces us to a 3rd challenger for the GOP nomination for the U S Senate. Veterinarian Dr. Charles Gonyo joins the race with Sam Kephart and Joel Dykstra whom are looking to challenge Tim Johnson this November. While Cory chooses to focus on Dr Gonyo’s abortion stand, which from what I can tell isn’t much other than he is open to suggestions, a certain theme from his campaign site seemed to stand out.

Myopic or myopia – a lack of foresight or discernment : a narrow view of something

Dr Gonyo at first glance seems to suffer from the above defined affliction which also affects many of our other politicians. But unlike most here in South Dakota whose myopia leans towards the Religious Reich agenda of repressing those that do not conform to their religious views, Dr. Gonyo seems to have a woody for everything immigration.

Here are his goals:

* Read each bill completly before voting.
* Vote “No” on any form of immigrant anmesty.
* Maintenance of a consistantly strong and permanent defense capability & military.
* Constitutional rights of American citizens.
* No federal funds to firms involved in the practice of aiding, or abetting foreign illegal aliens.
* Maintain mutual alliance with Israel, the only true ally of USA in the middle eastern area.
* Federal restrictions on any American currency transfer from within the USA by individuals illegally in the USA.
* Bring to task any entities operating on a tax exempt basis while aiding illegal activities within the USA.
* Investigation of T.I.N. frauds against the American taxpayers with full prosecution against the illegal aliens and the tax people who aid them.
* No federal grants, subsidies etc., no farm subsidies, to firms employing foreign workers or subcontractors employing foreign instead of American citizens.
* Require all federal employees to be bona fide American citizens beginning with ICE and the Southern Border Patrol.

Can you see the pattern forming and maybe more importantly, is immigration reform something that is high on the South Dakota radar to the point that his crusade would useful in getting elected? And finally, what’s with his number 1 goal to “Read each bill completly before voting”? Has that been a problem?

It’s looks to be an interesting primary.

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