Hows This For Priorities?

If you’ve watched any TV the past few months, you have undoubtedly seen the commercials prodding the last few remaining Americans that don’t have cable or satellite TV that they will need to get a digital converter box prior to the changeover to all digital broadcasts in February of 2009. Our government leaders are even willing to send you a $40 coupon to make sure that your TV viewing doesn’t get interrupted.

While I knew this was coming and can’t wait for as much high def content as possible, what I was amazed to discover is exactly what we are paying to make sure no one misses new episodes of “CSI”.

the government has allocated $1.5 billion to inform 17 million citizens about the digital TV transition

A little perspective:

the total proposed budged for literacy education in 2009 stands at a paltry $574.6 million


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