Give Us All Guns

2008 is turning into the year of the gun. First the South Dakota legislature tries to allow college students to carry guns on our college campuses. Then some of our more Conservative friends wanted to board up all the Pizza Hut franchises because they had the gall to discipline one of their delivery drivers for carrying and using a gun despite company policies against such actions.

Now President Bush and Co. want to allow us to carry concealed heaters throughout our National Parks system because as we all know, these parks are really dangerous.

The Bush administration on Wednesday announced its intent to shoot down federal rules that prohibit individuals from carrying loaded firearms in U.S. national parks and wildlife refuges. The proposal would permit individuals to carry loaded and concealed weapons if permitted by state laws in the state where the park or refuge is located, a change many current and retired park rangers contend is unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

Where ever you are Yogi, you might have stolen your last picnic basket ’cause we could be packing heat soon. And while we’re talking about it, all of us might want to refrain from chewing that guy out for cutting us off on the highway because he might decide to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights and put us in the hospital or worse.

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