Obama's Response To The Gas Tax Holiday

After Hillary’s somewhat comical staged event to promote her and John McCain’s “gas tax holiday” idea in which she showed us that she can’t pump her own gas (or make her own cappuccino), I remarked that it would be a good topic for an Obama ad. While my idea for an ad in response leaned towards a more humorous approach, something revolving around a gas pump and a cappuccino machine, Obama decided to take the more fact based route instead. Phrases like “political pandering”, “poll-driven gimmickry” and “saves only pennies” were used to sum it up pretty well.

watch it (opens in a new window)

And while watching this ad, you might have noticed that the oil companies and their record profits weren’t left out either though Obama might have to rethink his windfall tax idea. Poor Exxon it seems has missed expectations this quarter and only made $10.9 billion, down 17% from what experts predicted.

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