Is This Who We Want For Our President?

As I wrote about before, detractors of Barack Obama like to use the “elitist” buzzword when trying to explain why they are not going to vote for him. Last night I saw that same image being portrayed again on the evening news in between shots of him bowling and Hillary doing a shooter when they were interviewing “blue collar” workers in Indiana about their thoughts on Obama.

He’s out of touch with regular Americans“, “how can he understand the average worker unless he is or has been one“, etc. and again I have to ask: Wouldn’t you want someone smarter and more accomplished than you as President? Or is the guy pictured above a better choice? I am sure he can sympathize with us blue collar folks.

And speaking of a candidate representing the regular folks, what did you think about that Hillary staged photo op yesterday in support of her gas tax holiday that would save the average driver like $30 this summer? How did the fact that she admitted that she hasn’t pumped gas in years and that she had to have help working the cappuccino machine (see video below) play with the working class that want someone that knows their pain? I can see the next Obama TV ad, and it includes Barack, a cappuccino machine, and a gas pump…

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