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Yesterday I made fun of a pro-global warming scientist’s idea for cleaning the CO2 from our atmosphere using 67 million filters at a cost of trillions of dollars a year. With that in mind, the fight against global warming will likely be won or lost within the scientific community. First they must somehow provide irrefutable proof that the deniers in world governments and big businesses will listen to and then if they can somehow accomplish that impossible task, they must then figure out to stop it before it is too late.

One of the stumbling blocks facing these scientists has been the Heartland Institute. Lately that non-profit group has been touting an article by one of their senior fellows, Dennis Avery, that promotes what they call their “common-sense environmentalism”. Avery’s article includes a list of 500 scientists that he says agree with the assessment that man made global warming is based on “junk science” or at the very least have serious doubts on the science used. These scientists are often offered as proof to refute many of the claims brought forward in support of environmental change.

Well apparently that list of 500 isn’t quite as damning as Dennis Avery and the Heartland Institute would like us to believe. DeSmogBlog decided to write some of the scientists mentioned and so far 45 of them are finding out for the first time that their names appear on this list.

I am very shocked to see my name in the list of “500 Scientists with Documented Doubts of Man-Made Global Warming Scares”. Because none of my research publications has ever indicated that the global warming is not as a consequence of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, I view that the inclusion of my name in such list without my permission or consensus has damaged my professional reputation as an atmospheric scientist.”


Just because you document natural climate variability doesn’t mean anthropogenic global warming is not a threat. In fact I would venture that most on that list believe a natural cycle and anthropogenic change combined represent a greater threat.”

Yesterday I poked fun at an idea from a scientist that was at least trying to do something to fix this problem. This tactic by the Heartland Institute, if true, isn’t a laughing matter and is just another example of the lengths some will go to in order to shelter big business from their responsibility.

(h/t – Daily Kos)

UPDATE: Think Progress points us to the “well respected” and “politically neutral” rag Worldnet Daily’s kids contest that asked our future generation to submit essays and videos debunking global warming for cool prizes and wouldn’t you know it, the mythical “many scientists” quote is displayed prominently. Click the WND link above to see the winners (if you’ve had all your shots).

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