And HereIn Lies The Real Problem Part 2

Dave Kranz has a column in this morning’s Argus that tries to explain why South Dakota “matters” and how we could now play a big part in deciding the Democratic Presidential nominee. He goes on to explain that Obama and Clinton finally now seem to know where we are on a map with their recent activity that saw Obama opening 2 offices and Clinton recently hiring a campaign operative here.

Putting aside the reservations I have with the Kranz assertion that our last in the nation primary’s 15 delegates could be the “last word”, as the last time I checked, no matter how the remaining primaries go neither candidate would have enough for the nomination meaning the convention and super delegates will likely be the last word. What caught my eye were the comments from a prominent Sioux Falls businessman.

Consider a recent comment from Porter Williams, a prominent member of the black community, who is a Sioux Falls-area contractor, artist and Hillary Clinton supporter.

“Things were never so good when Bill Clinton was president,” he said.

Because of his recall of that period, Williams will keep his vote in the Clinton family.
(emphasis mine)

Who cares about her positions on the issues, her husband did good so I’ll vote for her?

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