Libel Decision Coming Soon?

The AP is reporting that the libel suit against the Argus Leader by Dan Scott could hit the next milestone in the coming few weeks when a circuit judge should decide on whether it will proceed to trial.

A circuit judge says she might issue her decision within a couple of weeks in a libel lawsuit filed against the Sioux Falls Argus Leader and its executive editor, Randell Beck.

Judge Kathleen Caldwell of Sioux Falls heard arguments this past week during a court hearing and said her written ruling will be handed down “hopefully, within a couple weeks.”

Dan Scott sued the newspaper over a July 15 column written by Beck. Scott, who was president of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation at the time, argues that his reputation was tarnished because many people were fooled by Beck into thinking that a letter of apology Beck wrote in Scott’s name was for real.

The wheels of justice sure turn slowly don’t they? And for those that want to again read the column in question, I have posted it here as it is no longer easily available on the Argus’ web site.

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