Thune Is McCain's VP Choice

At least that is what MSNBC talking head Chris Matthews predicts.

Chris Matthews has made his call — John Thune, a freshman senator from South Dakota, will be John McCain’s running mate on the Republican presidential ticket.

Matthews informed the world — as well as Thune himself — of his prediction while the MSNBC John Thune senator from South Dakota and possible vice presidential pick for Republican presidential nominee John McCain of Arizona commentor interviewed the senator a few minutes before President Bush delivered his latest comments on the war in Iraq.

Thune firmly established himself as a comer within the GOP when he knocked off then-Senate minority leader Tom Daschle in 2004. Telegenic and relatively youthful (he was born in 1961, just like Barack Obama, another member of the Senate’s ’04 class), Thune almost assuredly is on the working list that McCain recently revealed he’s put together of vice presidential possibilities.

But Matthews didn’t just mention him as a prospect. Ignoring the Condoleezza Rice boomlet that’s been in vogue of late, as well as the trench work Mitt Romney has taken on for McCain, the host of “Hardball” (and a one-time aide to legendary House Democratic Speaker Tip O’Neill) flatly said — twice — that Thune would be the pick.

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