Shameless Advertising

Just a bit of shameless advertising here to let my handful of readers know that I am selling my prized Microsoft Zune MP3/Video player on eBay. Along with everything Microsoft includes I am also including an extra sync cable, a leather case with belt clip, and a Belkin Tunebase car charger with FM transmitter.

If you’ve been wanting a large capacity (30gb) portable MP3 player now is your chance at a fraction of the cost. Check it out and feel free to bid as I need to pay off it’s replacement because unfortunately most of Bush’s incentive check arriving next month will probably have to go towards paying for the $4 a gallon gas that is coming around the same time.

What did I get to replace this you ask?

So how cool is that? It’s an iPhone minus the phone also known as the iPod Touch. Why not an iPhone? I would have loved to get one but as I have documented here numerous times, AT&T doesn’t think us South Dakotan’s would would like such cool toys, too bad.

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