Intolerate Pot Meet Intolerant Kettle

Admittedly some of the diaries on Daily Kos go a bit overboard, OK big time overboard, but when one of the most religiously intolerant right-wing blogs on the internet calls them out for being antisemitic, Miriam Webster starts the presses so they can rewrite the definition of hypocrisy.

They just can’t help it. Loony antisemitic diaries keep getting posted at Daily Kos, no matter how much they try to stop them. They’ve encouraged and coddled, and winked and nodded at this kind of hatred for years, and now it bubbles up unpredictably in disgusting articles like this one: Daily Kos: Why I’m Not a Zionist.

This coming from the site that has made it’s name by being nothing more than a hate filled anti-Muslim site, Little Green Footballs.

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