Play Ball!

Some sure signs of spring continue today. In South Dakota we shovel another round of heavy heart attack snow from the latest March snowstorm and my team, the Cleveland Indians begin their 60th season since their last World Series triumph with high hopes. As witnessed by my previous prognostications in regards to Cleveland sports, what i think usually ends up being totally wrong but this year looks to be a good one for the Tribe.

Last year no one expected much and they came within one win of the World Series and this year many pundits have them going to and winning the fall classic. So barring any major injuries, this season looks to be a great one for Indians fans. Could this be the year that the long suffering Cleveland sports fans will celebrate the first championship in any major sport since 1964?

Being one of those long suffering Cleveland sports fans born 9 months after their last championship of any kind, I am not holding my breath.

Posting will be light for the rest of the week as I head to New Jersey for training but as usual, give our other South Dakota blogs some love while I am gone.

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