Selective Memory?

Badlands Blue has a post calling out Mt Blogmore for a negative post in regards to Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s vote on FISA that specifically didn’t include Telcom immunity.

In other words, according to the Rapid City Journal’s blog, Mt. Blogmore, Rep. Herseth Sandlin is an extremist, Bush-hating, terrorist-loving librul because she voted against granting immunity to big telecommunications companies for past warrantless wiretapping? Because she voted in support of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution? Amazing.

And while I definitely agree with Lowell’s criticism of the Herseth-Sandlin hit piece and with his point that we should not be granting immunity for past warrantless wiretaps, I have to wonder where his anger was just a few weeks ago when Tim Johnson broke ranks with Democrats and voted for similar FISA changes that included the same retroactive Telcom immunity that he is now defending Herseth-Sandlin for not allowing.

Selective memory?

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