SDDP Blog Caves

Is this all it takes? To steal a line from the SDDP website Badlands Blue whose primary author recently asked this question of the Argus Leader when they changed a headline. They evidently caved because the right leaning blog SDWC called them out for not mentioning Tim Johnson’s horrible power ranking in the sensationalized headline when reporting on the power ranking of GOP Senator John Thune.

That same Argus Leader today called out the blog for a post this morning that gloated over their successful stalking campaign and all but took credit for these tactics forcing Steve Kirby to stay out of the race. But unlike the Argus which relented and changed the headline, Badlands Blue pulled the post completely.

Who said a Virginian with only one visit to the state was out of touch with South Dakotans?

Hat tip to PP over at the SDWC whom has the sorted details including the text of the now MIA blog post.

UPDATE: How hard can it be? Todd Epp asks that question in regards to blogging about politics in a state that you don’t reside. He has started his latest blog project, Tidewater Blue, a blog all about Virginia politics written by someone that should know, A South Dakotan with 3 or 4 visits to the state.

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