Bush Appeal

Try as he might, President Bush apparently couldn’t get Governor Rounds to run for the Senate.

Governor Mike Rounds says President Bush tried again but couldn’t persuade him to run for the U.S. Senate this year.

Rounds and first lady Jean Rounds spent two nights at the White House when they were in Washington for the National Governors Association meeting last month.

Last year when Rounds stayed at the White House, Bush also tried to persuade him to run for the Senate – but Rounds declined. Rounds says Bush, in a joking way, tried again this year. The governor says when Bush couldn’t get him to run, he turned to Jean Rounds and asked if she would be interested.

Rounds says Bush understands that neither he nor his wife will run for the Senate – even if he persisted one more time.

So can we finally put this rumor that never seems to die to rest?

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