Speaking Of Out Of Touch

“Super Tuesday” part III? Continuing with today’s out of touch theme, Governor Mike Rounds tries in vain to prop up the importance of South Dakota’s minuscule number of delegates that are to be awarded during our last in the nation primary.

Rounds told Stateline.org that if either of the two parties’ presidential contests are still undecided by June, South Dakotans could come off looking pretty smart.

“If it comes down to the fact that there are actually still competitive races, Republican or Democrat, then for that party they may very well say, ‘See, we were smart in doing so (on June 3),’ ” Rounds said.

Somehow I doubt the travel agents for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton are rushing to make travel plans for either candidate to come to South Dakota even considering the fact that the nomination will likely not be locked up before (or after for that matter) our June 3rd contest.

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