Out Of Touch?

Has the South Dakota Democratic party made a mistake by hiring a Virginian to write the official party blog? I always wondered why it was farmed out to someone out of state and now my blogging buddy Cory is also questioning the decision after the latest flap involving Steve Kirby and the ripping of local Democrats, specifically Todd Epp, that don’t agree with the tactics being used.

What nonsense. South Dakota Democratic Party money is being used to host a website that criticizes a loyal South Dakota Democrat who has worked for the party for years, who has taken all sorts of public heat for the party, and who has staunchly defended Senator Johnson since before Lowell Feld knew how to say “Pierre” (and who doesn’t get paid for it).

These comments — and Lowell’s tacit approval of them — prove that the state Dems need to reclaim their own blog. Paying someone from Virginia to host a discussion that publicly criticizes a loyal South Dakota Democrat is insulting and counterproductive. Lowell Feld, NotPP, and Barely40Dem can wage all the personal attacks they want on Todd Epp, but not on the Dems’ dime.

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