Welcome To The Neighborhood

Continuing on my catchup mode, I received an email while I was gone announcing a new blog that is now up and running in the South Dakota blogosphere. School Of Thought is an education themed blog written by Watertown School Board member Fred Deutsch. Fred’s description of his blogging endeavor.

There are so many pundits, politicians, and experts in the field of education – each with their own focus or philosophy. In this new blog, my focus will be to share my ideas, dreams, concerns, musings, goals, love and passion about issues relating to education in our great community and school district in Watertown, South Dakota, as well as discuss the ramifications of state and federal educational issues on us at the local level. This will all be provided from my perspective as a Watertown School Board Member. Input from parents, community members, educators, legislators, other policy makers, or “anyone” is welcome.

Good luck with your blog Fred and welcome to the blogosphere!

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