I'm Back…At Least For The Moment

After 2 weeks in the land of fruits and nuts and after a remarkably uneventful return flight that included no delays and empty seats next to me on both legs of the trip home (can the airlines make the seats any smaller?), I am back and catching up on all the news I missed. Besides the seemingly weekly back and forth feud between righty bloggers PP and Sibby that borders on the ridiculous, it looks like the Tim Johnson campaign has stepped in it, ripping possible challenger Steve Kirby to the point that even Johnson supporter extraordinaire Todd Epp is calling foul. I better check to see if hell has indeed frozen over…

Anyhow, while I am still catching up with the goings on here, one observation I had from my time in Los Angeles I think deserves a few comments. Regular readers here will probably recognize my sometimes myopic view of the horrible state of school funding in South Dakota. Having 2 kids in the system makes that subject near the top of my radar. While our schools have serious issues, we should consider ourselves lucky in comparison to some of the schools in the nations 2nd largest city.

In the 2 weeks in town, I witnessed at least 3 school lock downs because of various gun and gang related issues. Lock downs in LA don’t mean just locking the doors to the building like they do here. Things are so bad in parts of the city that many of the schools are actually surrounded by tall sturdy fence structures similar to a medieval fortress with guarded gates in an attempt to provide safe environments for the kids. Hows that for a learning environment? So while I am complaining about our schools it is with the direct knowledge that things could be a lot worse.

Finally as you might have noticed by the headline, I am back but not for long. Having been gone for 2 weeks means I have 2 weeks of work to catch up on and because of other issues I will also be doing some work up in North Dakota so my posting will continue to be sporadic at best. The LA weather was great, but it is nice to be home again!

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