South Dakota Priorities

A couple of days back I wrote on how South Dakota’s senior Senator, Tim Johnson, voted along with 17 other Democrats to give our government almost free reign to spy on us without needing to have warrants. As expected, the Democratic Party mouthpiece blog, Badlands Blue, was eerily silent on that vote though they did post Johnson’s statement supporting “tax refunds” that in many cases will be larger than what folks actually paid. To be fair though, other than here, not one South Dakota political blog from either party that I am aware of saw fit to mention it nor did it receive much play in our local MSM.

While our 4th Amendment rights were being assailed by our elected officials in Washington and ignored by most, the big news instead in our state was whether South Dakota colleges were violating the 2nd Amendment rights of students by not allowing them to keep or carry weapons on campus.

Spy on us without a warrant? No problem. Prohibiting college students from carrying a “concealed heater” in English class, the sky is falling! How’s that for priorities…

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