Short Takes

I just finished up a long day behind the wheel so I don’t have much time but I did come across a few interesting tidbits besides the Shell Oil poverty post below.

It’s been a good week for Conservative Republican scourge John McCain who not only picked up the endorsements of Rudy Giuliani earlier this week and Arnold Schwarzenegger today, he also gained another reason for me to like him just a bit more (not enough to vote for him though). You can now add Michelle Malkin to other wingnuts including Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter that would rather have a root canal than support McCain.

Speaking of Limbaugh, Darth Cheney appeared on his show yesterday to push for telecom immunity as part of the FISA legislation working its way around Congress.

CHENEY: People who don’t want to — I guess want to leave open the possibility that the trial lawyers can go after a big company that may have helped. Those companies helped specifically at our request, and they’ve done yeoman duty for the country, and this is the so-called terrorist surveillance program, one of the things it was called earlier. It’s just absolutely essential to know who in the United States is talking to Al-Qaeda. It’s a program that’s been very well managed. We haven’t violated anybody’s civil liberties. It’s in fact a good piece of legislation.

So Dick, if nobody has violated anyone’s civil liberties, why do they need immunity?

And finally, many have been touting the success of the surge in Iraq and while the effectiveness of this campaign can and is being debated, that little problem in Afghanistan hasn’t gone away either. It seems that bastion of civil and human rights we created after kicking out the Taliban is working just fine.

Afghanistan sentences journalist to death for downloading report on women’s rights

How’s that for progress?

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