Edwards Dropping Out

Most expected that Rudy Giuliani would be dropping out if he didn’t do well in Florida, he didn’t and he is, but John Edwards future seemed to a least include Super Tuesday. It won’t as according to various reports, Edwards will be dropping out of the race with an announcement in New Orleans this afternoon.

Early on it became obvious that Edwards wouldn’t have the horsepower to beat either Clinton or Obama but his truly progressive ideology kept much of the progressive agenda in the discussion. Unfortunately for us in South Dakota, our June primary date prevented us from really getting to know this man and his ideas for the middle class but as far as I am concerned Edwards leaving the campaign is a loss for the Democratic Party as a whole.

Hopefully some of his ideas have rubbed off on the whomever the eventual nominee is. We’ll see…

UPDATE: Others are saying it better than I did or could.

UPDATE 2: The Edwards goodbye speech

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