Bully Pulpit

To be honest, with my readership numbers bully pulpit might be the wrong term, but a recent announcement has again got me going against my local cable company. Earlier this winter I wrote a rant over the NFL Network being the exclusive carrier of several NFL games including the season ending game between the Patriots and the Giants. Included in that rant was a dig at my cable company, Golden West, for not carrying the NFL network.

Obviously not because of my rant, Golden West added the NFL Network shortly thereafter and then the NFL Network also relented and allowed the remaining 60% of the country to see the Patriots-Giants game. Since my first rant worked so well (sarcasm), I figured I would write about my next pet peeve in regards to Golden West.

Being the proud owner of a wonderful 32 inch HDTV and on the eve of the biggest football game of the year, you would think that I would be drooling over the prospect of watching my first Super Bowl in high def. If you thought that you would be wrong. As with the other 35 plus Super Bowls I have seen in my life, this one will also be seen in less than stunning 480i because of my favorite cable company and their embarrassing selection of HD content.

At the beginning of this rant I mentioned that a recent announcement got me going. That announcement was from satellite television provider DirectTV who is getting ready to launch their next satellite which will up their HD capability to 150 channels. Did they say 150 channels, up from their current 85 channels? And here I am with Golden West’s paltry offering of 13 channels (4 of which are premiums like HBO and Showtime) that by the way doesn’t include the HD feed from our local Fox station KTTW.

So here I will sit this Sunday watching the Super Bowl in standard definition just like every other year while Golden West collects their ridiculously high rates from us for providing their normal horrible content. Ah the joys of rural living… <end rant>

P.S. Before anyone asks why I don’t just upgrade to Dish Network or DirectTV, numerous 100 year old+ trees directly in the line of site of the various satellites preclude that option, believe me I checked.

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