Where Do I Get Some Of That Kool-Aid?

Even after 7 years of lies, 1984” type breaches of our civil liberties, and outright mismanagement of our country, a totally bogus State of the Union still gets the few remaining Bushie’s hearts a fluttering.

America is blessed – very blessed. We have had an amazing leader who believes in the wisdom of ‘we the people’. Through 7 years of attack from within and without. from across the aisle and from those too obsessed with purity in his party, President Bush has been a stalwart gentleman who has maintained dignity and honor for his office as those around him have collapsed into angry rants. The nation is going to miss George W Bush.

His SOTU speech tonight was probably his best. And it rested upon 7 years of accomplishments only his enemies, in hopes of diminishing him, will never recognize. He has shown that being a lame duck with a veto pen is a might powerful position to be in. He has promised to veto tax increases and uncontrolled earmarks. He will direct no efforts be spent on earmarks that had no debate or public vote in Congress.

What is he mixing with his Kool Aid besides the obvious blind faith?

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