Adult Business Regulation Bill Goes Down

The bill (SB98) that sought to put the screws on adult oriented business was killed by the Local Government committee yesterday because it could have lead to long court battles but not before they got in a few digs on the business as a whole.

Sen. Arnie Hauge, R-Canistota, said he agrees adult-oriented businesses are trashy and need to be regulated, but the bill’s language would lead to long court fights over definitions and other issues. He said lawmakers should continue working to find the right method of regulating such businesses.

Arnie ought to know something about the subject considering he represents the district (25) that has made fighting adult oriented business a science with the ongoing fight against the topless dancing/movie house/juice bar/etc. that has been trying to get going outside of Salem. That fight actually brings up the real problem with this bill, why is the state trying to legislate this at all?

One size fits all regulation rarely fits everywhere and I think that this is another of those situations. And by the way Sandy, there is no apparently about this, adult-oriented business do have the legal right to exist. That is at least until we make the mistake of letting folks like you and Arnie (adult-oriented businesses are trashy) Hauge determine what can or cannot exist.

The measure’s main sponsor, Sen. Sandy Jerstad, D-Sioux Falls, said adult-oriented businesses apparently have a legal right to exist, but the state should regulate them to prevent harm to children. A county could make sure such businesses are not located near places where children congregate, she said.

Message to those in Pierre, especially those that think they know what’s best for us, let local government deal with local issues.

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