Is It Untrue Just Because Of The Messenger?

The AP ran a story yesterday about a study from 2 non-profit organizations that provided blow by blow accounts of what they called “false statements” from President Bush and members of his administration following the terrorist attacks in 2001. The study found over 900 instances where these apparent false statements were given with over 250 coming from the mouth of George Bush.

On the surface the study is quite damning and for sure the left wing blogosphere has been all over it with “I knew it’s” and “I told you so’s” with their comment sections filled with the usual anti-bush rhetoric including more impeachment calls which is to be expected. On the right, I originally thought things would be quieter than a church mouse but as it turns out, the right doesn’t hold much credence to the sources of the study and soon after the story broke, the shoot the messenger posts began in earnest.

Apparently one of the non-profit groups behind the study, The Center for Public Integrity, is partially funded by righty hater George Soros which in the eyes of the blind followers means that the study must be false and should be dismissed with prejudice. In some cases a few even tried to spin it to accuse certain Democrats of being the real liars.

I guess the question that should be addressed is should a story be dismissed just because of who is behind it? If that was the case the accusations by Jose Conseco would never have been proven to mostly be true and Ruppert Murdoch’s Faux News would have long since gone silent.

So if you are questioning the story because of it’s sources but you have an open mind I recommend you watch the clip below of Keith Olbermann’s show last night (the righties will be screaming foul) where he discusses this issue in detail including how many of these “statements” coincidentally occurred at politically advantageous times for the Republican’s and George Bush. Maybe you’ll think differently and maybe you won’t…

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