Time For A Career Change

I have already written about the practice that has some pharmacists not filling prescriptions that go against their beliefs. It got to the point that Congress began debating a bill that would have forced them to fill all legally obtained prescriptions. At the time I was unaware that South Dakota has a law in place that allows pharmacists to do just that, and now our legislators are trying to change that as well, sort of.

SB164 would clarify South Dakota law so that pharmacists could still legally not dispense prescriptions that they have moral objections to, i.e. the morning after pill, they just would be required to now dispense contraceptives.

(3) It is the public policy of this state that the interest in freedom from unreasonable government intrusions into the private lives of citizens, and specifically the right of consenting individuals to obtain and use safe and effective methods of contraception without interference by governmental entities, shall be safeguarded and that the laws of this state shall be interpreted and construed to recognize and protect these rights.

I said it last month and I guess I will have to say it again, if your version of morality includes not dispensing certain safe and legally prescribed drugs especially in rural areas that might not have any other options, it is time to find a different profession or at a minimum, have someone else on staff that would be willing to do your job for you.

You do not see many individuals morally opposed to alcohol tending bar, why should a pharmacy be different?

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