Time For Another Recount?

Sorry if I am beating a dead horse but I just couldn’t resist again commenting on my favorite ex-Cleveland mayor running for the White House. Dennis “I bankrupted my city and now I want to do the same for my country” Kucinich didn’t have one of his better days yesterday. Not only did he get axed from last night’s MSNBC debate when the Nevada Supreme Court ruled against him, he also got trounced by “Undecided” in the Michigan primary.

Many are wondering how Hillary Clinton, the only one of the big 3 on the Democratic side running in Michigan, only got 55% of the vote in last night’s meaningless primary (no delegates were awarded). I on the other hand feel compelled to instead talk about the man that could do no better than the getting 1/10 of the votes that the mythical “Undecided” received (236,000 to 22,000). How exactly did that happen Dennis? 2/3’s of your only real competition wasn’t on the ballot and you finished 3rd!

I have to wonder what is going through Kucinich’s mind this morning, 3 primaries and his best showing is 4% in a contest that awarded no delegates and was missing 2 top shelf candidates. You might think that someone in his position would be pondering his future that should include getting back to Congress, I on the other hand wouldn’t be surprised if instead he was pondering his recount options. This is Dennis Kucinich after all.

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