Ever Meet Nanny Legislation They Didn't Like?

If you want to keep up with all the various nanny legislation being discussed in Pierre this session you can monitor SDWC but I would just like to mention one I came across that was introduced today. HB1197 seeks to add all passengers to the already mandated front seat and kids under 18 requirement to wear seat belts that currently exists.

Except as provided in chapter 32-37 and § 32-38-3, every operator and front seat passenger of a passenger vehicle operated on a public highway in this state shall wear a properly adjusted and fastened safety seat belt system, required to be installed in the passenger vehicle when manufactured pursuant to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 208 (49 C.F.R. 571.208) in effect January 1, 1989, at all times when the vehicle is in forward motion. The driver of the passenger vehicle shall secure or cause to be secured a properly adjusted and fastened safety seat belt system on any passenger in the front seat who is at least five years of age but younger than eighteen years of age. Any violation of this section is not a moving traffic offense under the provisions of § 32-12-49.1.

Seat belts and child seats, what’s missing from the constant stream of nanny legislation aimed at our highway safety? How about the obvious in motorcycle helmets as head injuries kill more motorcyclists than any other injuries?

Taking bets that we won’t see that introduced anytime soon as we wouldn’t want to mess with the cash cow that happens the first few weeks in August would we.

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