Continue To Submit Your George Bush Acronyms

I guess State Motor Vehicles Director Debra Hillmer will have to better keep up with acronyms and word plays as her request to have the state stop allowing vanity plates was shot down in committee this morning.

State Motor Vehicles Director Debra Hillmer told legislators Tuesday that it has become very difficult to decipher all the terms that motorists want to put on their plates.

Hillmer says many combinations of letters and numbers may be offensive, and the state is going to be sued at some point by those who are offended by personalized plates or those who argue that free speech allows them to have the plates of their choice.

However, legislators refused to pass the repeal bill, saying personalized plates are wildly popular with many motorists.

MPEACHW might be taken but I am sure there are many more out there that she will have to continue looking for. Maybe reading the plate would help before approving? Just wondering…

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