Our Lawmakers At Work

The AP surveyed all 105 South Dakota legislators as to whether they supported the latest attempt to put another abortion ban with rape and incest exceptions on the ballot. The results were as follows:

One hundred of the 105 members of the South Dakota Legislature responded to the AP mail survey. Fifty-one said they believe an abortion ban with exceptions for rape, incest or the life or health of a woman should be put on the November ballot. Another 29 said they oppose the public vote, and 18 were undecided.

I would have liked the AP to ask a few follow up questions to those 51 of 105, not quite “Most Legislators” that my esteemed colleagues at Dakota Voice would like you to believe, that said they would support another initiative:

– Considering we don’t have money to fix our roads or pay our troopers and teachers, how are we going to pay the millions in legal fees that would surely follow?

– Were you not here in 2006 when we as a state addressed this by voting down a similar ban?

I could go on and on but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised as it seems many in our legislature don’t seem to understand the word no.

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