The Rise And Now Fall Of A Candidate?

The long campaign season can be a blessing for some and a curse for others but in Mike Huckabee’s case it seems to be both. Initially he rode the wave of support from certain religious right groups to front runner status basically from nowhere and now that he has to actually perform in the spotlight, he can’t seem to do anything right.

His latest faux pas which comes just days after his attack ad debacle involves his appearance on Jay Leno last evening. Showing just how blind Huckabee and his supporters are, many are calling this appearance a brilliant move just one day prior to the Iowa caucus. Of course what these supporters and even Huckabee himself don’t realize is that they alienated just about anyone sympathetic to labor issues or involved with labor unions.

But Huckabee, a Republican locked in a tight battle with Mitt Romney, appeared confused before the taping when told that his visit to the Burbank, Calif., studios of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” would require him to cross a picket line of striking writers.

Of course in such labor backwards states like South Dakota (and Iowa apparently), this latest issue probably doesn’t cause many problems but I will be curious to see how this will play in the huge labor union dominated states that have real pull in choosing a candidate.

Then again of course that all hinges on whether or not Huckabee continues to insert his foot into his mouth and self destructs before it gets to those states.

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