Apparently The Judge Couldn't Find The Column Either

The Argus Leader lost another round in the Dan Scott libel case brought against the paper by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation president over a column published last July.

A Minnehaha County judge Friday denied a motion by the Argus Leader to dismiss a libel lawsuit brought against it by Dan Scott, president of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.

The lawyers for the Argus thought that once the judge read the Randell Beck column, she would dismiss the lawsuit. But just as is the case with the Argus’ website where we can no longer view the column in question, the article wasn’t attached to the complaint so she refused to consider it stating it was outside the civil complaint. (I have posted the Beck column in it’s entirety here)

A quick question for any lawyers out there. Who files a libel lawsuit but doesn’t include the alleged libelous material as part of the lawsuit or am I missing something?

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