Conscientious Objectors

Lowell over at Badlands Blue posts on our Democratic representation’s position on a bill currently making the rounds in Congress that would force pharmacist’s to fill prescriptions even if they have moral objections for doing so. Being the mouthpiece of the Democratic party he prints statements from both Tim Johnson and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s camps supporting the bill for varying reasons including from Johnson
“I believe it is important to ensure patient access to FDA-approved medications that are legally available,” Johnson said. “I also believe it is important to protect health-care providers’ rights to refrain from taking actions they find objectionable.” Johnson said he hoped legislation addressing the issue could be carefully shaped to “allow health-care providers to obey their personal consciences without imposing their own beliefs upon the patients they serve.”
And from Herseth Sandlin
She believes that every man, woman and child in South Dakota should have timely and ready access to necessary health care, including prescription medications,” Hart said. Hart said Herseth Sandlin “does not believe that there is a role for Congress to get involved in this local dispute in Montana,” but she believes that, if a pharmacy is unable — for whatever reason — to fill a prescription, it should assist the customer in getting the health-care service they seek elsewhere.
What Lowell doesn’t touch on is Senator Thune’s position which predictably is in opposition to making Pharmacists do their jobs.
“I believe that, if a pharmacist or pharmacy owner has a religious or moral dilemma with filling controversial prescriptions, he or she should not be mandated by the federal government to do so”
So there you have it, it has come down to the Federal Government having to tell an industry to do their job. Should pharmacist’s be required to fill legal prescriptions even if they do not believe in the purpose of the drug? What’s next, pharmacists asking for marriage licenses before filling Viagra prescriptions or outright refusing to fill them at all?

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