Some Things Never Seem To Change

A lot is being made of Tim Johnson’s health and whether he would be able to serve the people of South Dakota for another 6 year Senate term. But one thing can’t be debated. When your chief challenger has 1/10th of the campaign war chest of another party member that hasn’t run for anything in 4 years of which some of that time was spent in prison, you know you are in trouble. Can you say Bruce Whalen vs. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin?


*NOTE: Joel Dykstra’s U.S. Senate campaign raised more than $81,000 in its first three months, detailed in the Federal Elections Commission report for the quarter ending September 30, 2007

And from this morning’s Argus

candidate’s campaign finance report usually brings some interest, but not to the extent that former Gov. Bill Janklow’s does.

His annual Janklow for Governor Committee report filed earlier this year in the secretary of state’s office shows $887,364.96 cash on hand more than eight years after his last gubernatorial race in 1998.

Everything above doesn’t even take into account the bank account that Johnson has waiting for him if and when he decides to hit the campaign trail. Johnson’s 3rd quarter FEC filing listed over $2 million in the bank with a nice chunk of that being raised while he was in the hospital.

So what does that say of a challenger that can’t even raise a small percentage of what Johnson earned while sitting in a hospital bed with a life threatening illness? Maybe, just maybe Republican’s might want to start spending more time wondering why the state Republican party, that is always willing to mention their majority in state politics, can’t seem to drum up worthy candidates for national offices and a little less time worrying about Johnson’s fitness to serve. Those questions, while valid when Johnson’s prognosis was unknown, should now be left to the voters of South Dakota if Johnson carries through on his promise to run.

And speaking of Bruce Whalen, maybe he is free for another unsupported beat down at the hands of a popular candidate as he seems to have a bit of free time to spend bashing folks over at the War College. Does anyone wonder why this Republican had a hard time getting 29% of the vote in an overwhelmingly Republican dominated state?

Lately there are certain things in South Dakota you can count on just like death and taxes. Our schools will remain forever underfunded, the next attempt to ban abortions will always be on a ballot near you, and the Republican party will find sacrificial lambs ready to be slaughtered in national races (as long as the incumbent isn’t named Daschle).

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