Oh Geez Not Again!

If you were hoping to get a break from the abortion ban battles that we seemingly deal with every year, you are going to be disappointed as the latest attempt was announced this evening.

Supporters of the new petition now must gather 16,776 signatures of registered voters by April 1 to add an initiated measure to the Nov. 4, 2008 general election ballot, said Elections Supervisor Kea Warne.

This time though it won’t be our legislature debating the ban, supporters including former abortion provider and Chamberlain obstetrician-gynecologist Patricia Giebink have bypassed Pierre and are going to attempt to put the measure on the ballot. The petition can be seen here (pdf alert).

Giebink thinks that this time will be the charm

“This is what the people said they wanted after the 2006 campaign. And a number of polls since then indicate a majority of people believe abortion should not be a method of birth control,” Giebink said.

One question Giebink doesn’t address in her comments or in the petition is how the lawsuits that will surely follow if this passes will be paid for, with our tax dollars of course, and how their campaign will be funded now that the Roger Hunt school of shady campaign finance has been closed. Either way it’s going to be another long election season.

Much more on this to follow.

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